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May 18, 2012
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King Izmir by Netarliargus King Izmir by Netarliargus
Izmir is the fifth son of the late Moroccan king, Mohammed. While being the last in the line of succession, it didn't seem to bother Izmir much that he would never sit upon throne of Morocco, as it left him with enough time to pursue his own interest. Such as in interest in archeology. After his uncontroversial marriage with Salima, a common servant girl, he fell out of grace with the rest of the royal family. He and Salima had one son, Prince Khalid and for a while it appeared that Izmir had all he wanted.

His world shattered when Salima died tragically in an accident. After the death of his wife, Izmir became a bitter and resentful man and the end of his troubles were not in sight. When visiting an archeological dig he came in contact with a vial of Blue Dragon blood which promptly transformed him into one. After he saw his father and his four elder brothers being killed by a rampaging Red Dragon, Izmir became the new king of Morocco. Having mastered the ability to shift between his human and dragon form, the people of Morocco are blissfully unaware of the true draconic nature of their new king. But sometimes, on cloudless nights, when the urge becomes to great, the king and his son would fly out together....

Done in CS3 in about ten hours, I've used the Blue Dragon from D&D as a reference.
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adorety May 29, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Excellent imagery and awesome dragon. Very cool backstory too. His scales and head spikes look great.
That looks absolutely amazing man great job!Same goes for rest of your gallery!
Anytime! you write great stories also!
Aarok May 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now it's official : You are AWESOME! Seriously as i came first to your page i would've never imagined that you are able to create such detailed drawings now. You've really chosen your right inspiration, i admire Mr. Lockwood too, for his quality artwork.

Eh may i ask how long do you need for such a picture?
Aw, don't make me blush. I'd say I wouldn't have gotten this far without guys like you supporting me and keep pushing me to do better. :)
Wolf-fang4 May 21, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow the way I,ve seen people draw dragons this one takes the cake
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