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March 13, 2012
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Fire and Lightning by Netarliargus Fire and Lightning by Netarliargus
The blue dragon did not wait for him to gather his senses. With a thunderous roar he charged like a bull at Tholaxxius, the ground shaking in his wake. The two massive bodies slammed into each other with the force of a crashing freight train. The impact knocked all the air out of Tholaxxius' lungs and he was sent barreling across the square. In a snarling and growling tangle of scales and claws the two dragons rolled over each other. They smashed into an apartment building, the whole front wall of the five-story tall structure collapsed inwards and the two dragons disappeared into a cloud of dust and debris. Panic had seized hold of nearly everyone. People went haring off in every direction. The two massive beasts crashing into the city was enough to put everyone in complete shock and awe, Rabat in its entirety was in a state of disillusion and to many it all seemed like they just woke up to a nightmare. The heavy smoke burned the eyes of the witnesses outside. The terror in the voice of loved ones being lost in the rubble of the structure. Women screamed, men shouted, and children were separated from their parents in the chaos and wailed.

The red dragon Tholaxxius fights against the blue dragon, Izmir above the Moroccan city of Rabat. It's a scene from the Twin Fires, a story I am writing when I have some time on my hands. If you what to know how it's going to end you'll have to read the whole chapter here: [link]

Also, special thanks to :iconghostwalker2061: for showing me how to do the awesome lighting effects.
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Dude, so awesome!
Skullkid360 Dec 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Holy Bejeezus!!! This is awesome!!! :D
Woooaaah!!!! Great battle!
iloveDRAGONok Apr 3, 2012  Professional General Artist
oooooo dragon 2012
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